How to disable automatic update of Facebook and Messenger apps

The update of Android applications is managed by the Play Store, from which you can choose to update them automatically when we are connected to the Wi-Fi network, update them automatically under any network or disable the automatic update in favor of the manual update.

Apparently, though, Mark Zuckerberg with the various blue social applications, such as Facebook e Messenger, has decided to bypass this choice, thus forcing the automatic update of its apps even with the option deactivated on the Play Store. Deactivating the automatic update of Facebook or Messenger is however possible and it is sufficient to go to the settings of the individual applications. The procedure is valid for Android app; has not been tested on iOS.

disable automatic messenger app updates

How to disable automatic Messenger update

As for the messaging application Messenger, the procedure is very simple and immediate. Here's how to do it with these simple steps:

  • Open the application Messenger
  • Touch yours profile picture top left (next to Chat)
  • Scroll down to find App updates
  • Open and uncheck it from Automatic Messenger update to disable automatic updating
  • In the same screen there is a second option to activate and deactivate update notifications in case you want to leave the update active without notifications
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How to disable automatic Facebook update

Moving on to the Facebook application, the process gets a little more cumbersome, and the option is often moved from one menu to another. Currently the correct procedure is the following

  • Open the application Facebook
  • Touch the menu formed by 3 horizontal lines at the top right
  • Scroll down to Settings and privacy and tap to open the menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down to Multimedia content and contacts
  • apri App updates
  • Remove the check from Automatic Messenger update to disable the automatic update
  • Like on Messenger, there is a second entry to enable and disable notifications for updates made
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