How to disable advertising on Xiaomi smartphones

Who owns a smartphone Xiaomi with MIUI Global ROM you will certainly have noticed from time to time some advertising on the applications of MIUI, in particular push notifications sent by the stock browser. Few people know that in reality it is possible to disable advertisements on Xiaomi, without root or modding or adblock applications!

disable advertising on xiaomi no root

To annoy us with these advertisements is indeed an application - or rather a service - of MIUI. Nobody spyware o malware, simply a MIUI service intended to send users advertisements and present only on MIUI Global ROMs; if you have a China ROM you will not have these problems. This service is called msa, Short for MIUI System Ads. It, along with other MIUI services or applications, such as Analytics e mab, could even cause a more battery or data consumption.

Deactivating the MSA service is very simple and as already mentioned it does not require any modification to the system or installation of other applications, nor particular knowledge concerning the world of modding; just go to your smartphone settings and follow these simple steps.

How to delete advertising on Xiaomi smartphones

To turn off advertising, go to Settings of your Xiaomi phone, scroll to the entry Additional Settings and finally on Authorization and Revocation. Search and find the entry here msa, so cancel the authorization by clicking on the switch and wait for the countdown to click on withdrawal.

Done! Finally enjoy your Xiaomi phone without those intrusive advertisements that too often bother us.

NOTE: Someone says online that msa is a service also used by carousel of images of MIUI. If you have problems with this function, simply authorize them again msa by the same procedure

Let us know if this method solved your problem via the comment box.

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