How to turn off Facebook video auto play

How to disable Facebook video playback? Don't worry, it's very simple!

For a few months, Facebook has introduced the automatic video playback that we find on the homepage during navigation. Unfortunately (or fortunately) updates are not immediately distributed to all users, in fact I received this update only a few weeks ago.

Personally, I don't see anything positive - or useful - in the automatic reproduction of videos for two main reasons: the first is that I can choose by myself whether or not to start the video; the second: I have a painful connection at home and on an application (which I don't use) Android / iPhone - without WiFi connection - go via important MegaBytes, without wanting to.

Obviously there are the settings to turn off automatic video playback, and there are also dozens of online guides, but I still wanted to share with you the simple steps to disable it.

disable Facebook video playback

Turn off Facebook auto video playback on PC

Through the arrow (facing down) in the upper right corner, after the notifications button to understand each other, enter the Settings. Then on the left menu choose Video, which should match the last entry. At this point you can choose to set the default quality of the videos, via the first option, and of turn off automatic video playback on Facebook through the second.

Turn off automatic video playback of iPhone and Android Facebook

As can be seen from the image, in the option to disable automatic playback there is a link that explains how to do it on the Android and iPhone Apps.
On Android, tap the button via the Facebook application Settings, then go down to Automatic video playback and choose the option that is right for you between Yes (Default), No e Wi-Fi only.

On iOS, instead, through the phone settings, find Facebook, then Settings -> Video -> Automatic playback. That's all!

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