How to disable Vodafone Recall and Call Me

From today some services of Vodafone e TIM they become paid, precisely Call me e Recall for Vodafone e You know e Call now for TIM. These services, free until today, will cost 6 euro cents a day in the case of Vodafone if the service is used e 1,90 euro fixed every 4 months for TIM, for a total of approx EUR 20 per year for the first e 8 € for the second one.

The services are useful to know who is calling us when the phone is off, busy or unreachable and to know when a user - not reachable - whom we have called comes back reachable. It is not known exactly why the two services have become a fee (perhaps because I recently switched to Vodafone!), Much less because both the operators chose the same day, but those wishing to disable them can of course do so via numbers 40920 for TIM e 42070 for Vodafone, via apps or websites.
Apparently, today's date is not valid for all users. Some TIM users will suffer the theft change on 01 September.

Disable Vodafone Recall and Call me from website

Being in possession of a Vodafone card, I show you the simple steps to deactivate the services through the website, in case someone wants to know how to do it.

  • Log in with your account
  • Click "SIM Information", then "Active Services and Promotions"
  • Now open the "Services for not losing calls" tab and click "Access" for the service you want to deactivate
  • Press off and confirm.

That's all!

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