How to uninstall app on Xiaomi without root

On any smartphone of any brand we always find some superfluous application for our use. Whether it's an important application or bloatware, if we don't use it it remains there to consume precious memory of our Android smartphone. But fortunately there is a method for uninstall apps on Xiaomi and permits are not required either root!

How to uninstall app on Xiaomi without root

Actually the method can work on any Android phone, like for example Samsung, Huawei, LG and so on, but in this case we analyze the case of Xiaomi. Xiaomi smartphones, especially with MIUI China ROMs, have several superfluous applications installed and they can be easily uninstalled for some time. But in the case of system apps, how are these apps uninstalled?

The answer is always the same: adb. If going to the smartphone settings you only find the possibility to disable the application, with the use of adb it will be possible instead completely uninstall the application without root.


The only requirements are adb installed on our PC and the Developer Options active on the smartphone. If you meet these requirements you can proceed to the next step, otherwise here's how.

Install adb on the PC

For install adb on Windows simply download the tool from XDA, run it as an administrator and confirm with "Y" until the end of the installation. You find it here

Root OnePlus X: ADB

For install adb on Ubuntu just type the following 2 commands in the terminal

sudo apt update
sudo apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Activate the Developer Options

Go to your smartphone settings and then open the first entry - device o System info - and click 7 times up MIUI Version to enable the Developer options. A toast notification, in the lower center, will alert you with the message You are now a developer.

At this point go back and through the menu Additional settings find the new Developer Options entry. Open it and enable the voice Debug USB e USB debugging (security settings).

Now you can connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your PC to check that everything is ok. Then open a shell (from Windows type cmd in the search bar) and type the following command

adb devices

A pop-up will appear on your phone asking you whether or not to authorize the device. Allow it with Ok and in the shell the address of the smartphone will appear, as in the following images

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How to uninstall app on Xiaomi without root

Now that your smartphone can communicate with your PC, we can move on to the actual procedure for uninstall apps from Xiaomi smartphones. But before starting, it's important to know that:

  • It is possible to uninstall both the Play Store app and the following commands system app
  • Uninstalled apps may cause system instability
  • Removing a system application may prevent you from upgrading your smartphone to the next firmware version
  • In case of data recovery, you will find the uninstalled apps again

To uninstall an application you need to know the package name first. To know it, simply go to Settings> Applications and select the top points with 3 Show all apps, finally open the application to be removed. At this point, tap the "i" icon at the top right and you will find the package name to the right of APK name.

Now that we have the package name, go back to the shell and type the following command

adb shell

If everything works properly, you will have access to your smartphone and then you will notice the code name. In my case Chiron, codename di Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Perfect, we're ready to uninstall apps without root! Just type the command ...

pm uninstall -k –user 0

... followed by the package name. For example: to uninstall the program just type

pm uninstall -k –user 0

To uninstall We Video

pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.miui.videoplayer

To uninstall Play Music

pm uninstall -k –user 0

and so on. Obviously you will have to pay attention to which app you will uninstall to avoid any problems 🙂

NOTE: : before "k" there is a treaty (-), before user 2 dashes (-) must be used instead.

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