How to flash a custom ROM on THL T11 with SP FLASH TOOL

Hi, here I am again to tell you more about modding. 

This time we are dealing with a smartphone and precisely with the recent one THL T11, a phone from the Chinese house THL based on the octacore MTK 6592 processor but, with regards to the features and product reviews, I refer you to the net.

In the first instance, like the sick of modding they know, they need to rootare the phone and insert one CWM to be able to start the game ... In my case, after installing the classics driver da PdaNet , I tried several times to perform the root with the classic programs that we all know as FRAMAROOT ( HERE I attach the link to our program page), ZHUODASHI, ROOT GENIUS etc. but I couldn't do anything.
Mind you, it does not mean that you do not succeed, on the contrary ... in this article I will tell you about my experience and therefore, even the things that did not go well!

To overcome this problem (which would have influenced all actions to come, since without root nothing is done ...) I chose another way, I used it SP FLASH TOOL to flash one custom rom, identical to the stock but already rootata and with CWM! Very comfortable procedure to have everything we are looking for, in a bang!

  • First we said to download i driver with PDanet, HERE the link to my old guide where I explain how to use the program.
  • Second, download SP FLASH TOOL ... I used the latest version, 5.
  • Then we will go and unload the ROM, going up NEEDROM, in the section for the THL T11 and downloading the ROM THL T11 Fix



  •  Both files are packages RAR so you will have to unpack folders on your desktop to 2 for convenience.
  • Open the folder SP F.TOOL and install the file flash_tool Application, you will be asked for permission, give the ok and the program window will open.

    thl t11

    SP Flash Tool

  • Now open the folder ROM and check that the file is there MT6592_Android_scatter and all those you see in the image below.

Rom unpacked

  • Let's start the flash procedure… be careful not to make mistakes because the management of the phone is a bit cumbersome!
    Activate the mode debugging and turn off the phone.
  • Return to the application of SP FT and check that in the top window (Download Agent) the file has been pre-loaded MTK_AllInOne_DA, should do it automatically but if not, plug it on Download Agent and load it from the unpacked folder of SP FT.
    In the space below (Scatter-loading) upload the file MT6592_Android_scatter.txt from the unpacked folder of the ROM.


    Program window SP F.Tool

  • Now you are ready ... you have the phone off, unplug the battery for a few seconds, then put it back in place but leave the phone switched off for the duration of the flash procedure! Plug on the green arrow Download e only then connect the phone off to the USB of the PC.
    First plug in Download and then attach your phone to the PC! 
    It is very important to respect the times.
  • You will see the program work, wait until everything is finished, a green circle will appear in the center of the screen and only then unplug the USB cable and turn on the phone. 

After this procedure you will find the phone exactly with the same one ROM (because it is a version FIX of the stock ROM) but rootato and it equipped with CWM. From now on you can install all the Custom ROM what you want and fortunately, despite being a very recent smartphone, you already have several possibilities including the MIUI.
Remember that with SP FLASH TOOL you can "resuscitate" the phone in various situations that seem dramatic ... 
For example, I recommend keeping this dear ROM, so you always have a safe rock to stick to if things go wrong during your experiments modding.

Lastly, I leave you a link, VCOM driverswhere you will find others drivers to SP FT if those described are not enough. As for me and my experience there was no need for it but knowing the multitude of variables in this situation, I put it there anyway.

Good modding!

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