How to flash a ROM on Cube U39gt

Let's get back to the modding topic for the tablet Cube U39gt, with a guide to installing a custom ROM, in this case the Tempest U39GT_YHBRID1.

As mentioned above, modding for Chinese devices is not always clear and intuitive ... in this specific case, for example, it is not possible to install this ROM means CWM (modified recovery) but we will have to do it using ROKCHIP BATCH TOOL 1.7, a tool designed specifically for smartphones and tablets with Rokchip processors.
Le ROM for this device are mainly 2, that of ARCTABLET and the aforementioned TEMPEST yhbrid1, they install exactly the same way, so the choice is yours.
Let's start:

  • For security, make a backup area of ROM STOCK, and put it on the external SD card. This is because, in case of problems in the installation of the new one ROM (very rare case but you never know!) you can reinstall it through recovery.
  • Install on the PC ROKCHIP BATCH TOOL 1.7.
  • Unpack the file and open it, you will find a folder named Rokcusb v3.5 driver, it's important because if you forget to install them, the tool won't work (personally tried!). In the file you will have to choose the correct drivers for your operating system, x86 or x64 bit and then Windows Vista or 7 or what you have.romcubeu39gt
  • Once the driver folder is open, tap the second package - installation information - with the right mouse button and tap up -installa-.
    Importantly, it may happen that you immediately get an error window that tells you that it is not possible to install anything, do not take it into account and continue (I point this out because it happened to me).romcubeu39gt2
  • Take the tablet, go to -settings- and uncheck the entire paragraph of - developer options - top right. Attach it to the PC with the USB and wait for it to be recognized (the tablet MUST be turned on!).
  • At this point, in the unpacked file of Rokchip Batch Tool, tapped on the file APK and open it as an administrator. If you have disabled debugging correctly, RKB should show you the connected tablet with a pink square in the bottom window of the tool.
  • If you haven't been able to install the drivers before, now it should do it automatically, showing you the classic pop-up - device driver installation lower right in the Windows bar.
  • With RKB open and the tablet recognized, you are ready to start ... Assuming that you have already downloaded the Zip from ROM that interests you, unzip it and put the file IMG, for convenience, on the desktop. Go to the top right, where there is the button with the three dots and tap up, look for where you saved the file I'M G area of ROM and select it.
  • At the bottom you have a series of buttons, press switch to start the flashing procedure. The first phase will last just a few seconds, you will see the square turn green and the text in the window will indicate that it is switch has been successful.
  • Now plug up Restore and let it work RKB... it will take several minutes, so make sure your tablet has enough charge. The square will turn yellow and begin to flash. Once the procedure is finished you will see a strip of text highlighted in green that announces the successful completion of the flash. The tablet will turn off and on again in mode recovery, don't touch anything and let it restart by itself. Don't be alarmed if it takes a few minutes longer than normal.
  • Once you restart the tablet, you are done! For my personal experience, once this is assembled ROM, you will have to re-run the ROOT and put back the CWM (if you had it even before).
    Here is our article on ROOT of the Cube U39gt.

NOTE! As for my experience, I had installed the CWM before doing all the flashing procedure and, trying to install the ROM in the classic way (from recovery modified) I hadn't succeeded in any way! Asking other acquaintances for light, I realized that it was not possible to install the ROM in this way, only through Rokchip Batch Tool. Instead, who had still installed the recovery stock, seems to have had no problems, being able to do everything using this method. Obviously it's up to you to experiment!

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