How to play Pokémon Go on a Windows PC. Guide and video

We have already seen how to make it work Pokémon Go even from home, with various applications to simulate fictitious positions and routes via GPS, but only on devices with root; all this in the guide Pokémon GO GPS tricks. And, as promised in the comments, in this new guide we will see how to make Pokémon Go run on the computer to have a more stable position (less risk ban) and without root or other cumbersome operations.

play pokemon go on Windows

As the title suggests, the emulator in question works on Windows, but in reality there are dozens of Android emulators that can also work on other operating systems. You can take a look at the list of best Android PC emulators.

The emulator that we will use for this guide, however, is not present in the previous list because it is enough young; it's about LeapDroid and of all the existing ones, it is perhaps the best for playing Pokémon Go via the PC.

Pokémon Go on Windows

I state that there are already dozens of guides on the net. Most recommend installing Bluestacks 2 but I have tested it personally and have not found it up to par. I then tried Nox - among the best around - and I had some good results but, as you know, Pokémon Go is very heavy and on an older PC it could go jerky or even not work.

So after some research I found the aforementioned LeapDroid, very powerful and not very greedy for RAM. To make the GPS tricks work it is not necessary to make any changes or install who knows what, but only the simple download of the emulator and a brief configuration that I will explain later.

LeapDroid | Download

Before installing it, it is right that you know that this emulator is based on VirtualBox. So if you use it, the LeapDroid installation will overwrite the VB installation folder. Just make a backup of the folder to save the VB virtual machines.

That said, install LeapDroid and you'll find 3 new icons on the Desktop: Leapdroid VM ManagerLeapdroid VMLeapdroid VM 2. The first starts VirtualBox directly, where you can manage the settings of the two virtual machines, such as graphics settings and 3D acceleration, the CPU and RAM dedicated to the machine, and so on. The other two icons, on the other hand, are the real machines, the ones that will start the Android emulator on which you can play.

Note: the two virtual machines are independent of each other as two different operating systems. What you do on an emulator will be closely related to it.

Machine configuration

Start one of the two machines and configure them as explained below:

leapdroid settings settings

  • Italian language:
    • pull down the quick toggle curtain (top right, where the clock is) and click on SETTINGS
    • Scroll down the menu until you find it Language & input, access this menu and click on Language
    • Scroll down to find Italian (Italy), then select it.
  • Schedule:
    • go back to the menu and go down again until you find it Date and time
    • click on Select time zone
    • choose one of the time zones with GMT + 2: 00
    • put the check mark on Use the 24 hours format
  • Position:
    • go back again to the settings menu
    • scroll the menu up to Geolocation
    • if deactivated, activate it via the switch at the top right
    • click on the item modality and select Only device

Guide: installing Pokémon Go and gaming

Now that the emulator is set up, you can install and play Pokémon Go! Then enter the Play Store (you find it on the first screen) and, as requested, enter your Google account. Finish setting up your account and search the Play Store, then download the game BUT DO NOT START IT.

08 / 08 / 16 UPDATE: The Play Store update may not be compatible with the emulator. In this case download the latest version of Pokemon Go from ApkMirror. | Download link

Now look at the emulator window and you will notice on the right a dozen icons arranged vertically; what we are interested in to simulate positions is Location and is found by clicking on the last button (More) in the form of three horizontal points.

leapdroid location

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on this button and a managed map will start Google Maps. Here it will be sufficient to write a location in the bar at the top center and press the key Go, then set the exact position to the desired location with a simple mouse click and click Save Location. Once done, open Pokemon Go and you'll find yourself in the chosen location! You can also leave the map open and make small moves, as shown in the following video.

The video shows some drops of frames in the game, but this is due to the screen recording. The gameplay usually goes very well.

How to move around with the arrow keys (Update)

LeapDroid is equipped with a good system of keymapping, which can be used to move the character through the arrow keys on the keyboard. So it will really seem to move, to walk around the city, and it will no longer be necessary to move by setting the positions with the mouse.

To set up the keyboard navigation, the first thing you need to do is start Pokémon Go. Next you need to click on the keyboard icon in the right column [1], which will open a transparent window with some keys arranged at the top. At this point, just click on the fifth icon from the left (GPS) [2] and click anywhere on the screen to enter the [3] control. Finally, click on Save All [4].

pokemon go move from still on Windows

The keyboard icon (in the right bar) should now turn green. If not - that is, if it should be yellow - just right click anywhere in the window. This is used to activate and deactivate the controls inserted by keymapping.

Now you can safely move around the map with the directional keys on the keyboard, although it will be a little awkward because it will correspond to the cardinal points: up arrow to go north, down to go south and so on. An emulator that can better manage the movement of Pokémon Go from a PC is Nox APP Player, but at the same time it requires more resources than LeapDroid. You find it in the list of best Android emulators for Windows.


The first place I stopped at, lower right of Central ParkManhattan, is the best found so far, in the midst of 4 Pokéstops with a high spawn rate. Here I found various Pokémon, including Pikachu. If you know very interesting points like this, let me know in the comments and in the future I will make a rich list of the best cities.

My advice is to make short trips (as in the video) to avoid the risk of ban. The latter, for those who still do not know it, is given to those who travel long distances and can be soft banperma ban. The first one lasts a few hours, the second one will prevent you from entering your account forever. Moving over short distances, I never encountered problems; instead, to return to the real position, I recommend waiting a few hours.

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