How to install ClockworkMod on Cube U39gt

Here we are again at modding for this tablet, today we will see how to flash the RECOVERY STOCK with a CWM (clockworkmod o MODIFIED RECOVERY) suitable for our device.

I will not elaborate on the explanation of what it is, and on what one is for CWM, just know that with the RECOVERY stock, it is often not possible to carry out certain modding operations and, in particular cases it is not even possible to install one CUSTOM ROM, without one CWM.
The CWMs are different depending on the device they are to be mounted on, so be careful.

In the case of our tablet we have no problems because the only one that exists is the one I'm going to talk to you about (ClockworkMod for RK3066 and RK3188).
Main requirement, the ROOT.

This is the CWM of ARCTABLET, very simple to assemble and use.

  • On PC access the site of ARCTABLET and download the TOOL di ARCTABLET da here.
  • Since PC install it on your tablet and start the application.
  • Open the application and select reboot, tapped Reboot Recovery and let the tablet work. It will turn off and restart showing the menu Recovey Stock (very poor!) move using the volume rocker and press the power button to give the ok. In this case you will only have to plug in the first item of the menu, -reboot system now- and restart the tablet.
  • At this point return to Arc tool and select -install applications - you will see a drop-down menu and tapping on it will open up a range of options. You will have to tick -Rokchip generic (RK3066, RK3188) CWM Recovery v by fun_ (
  • Once this is done, cover the writing -download- and let it download. In a few seconds you will have finished, select -install app- to finish the procedure.
  • Come back up -reboot recovery- and restart the tablet in Recovery mode.
  • You will see that the menu will be different, this because you will have installed the CWM.
  • Now you can do a Nandroid Backup, which is not necessary at the moment but, when you want to install custom ROM, it will be essential to do so, together with a Wipe.
  • Move in the menu with the volume balance and select -advance- and then -wipe dalvik cache-, you will see a series of NO (this is because the CWM helps you by indicating the essential operations) and a YES, needless to say which you have to choose! At the base of the screen you will see writings that will tell you if the procedure has been successful. Generally it takes 2 seconds to do this cleaning, then go up -backup and restore- and choose the item -backup-.
    On the screen will appear the classic green robot with an open belly (a sign that you are operating on the system), a loading bar and text strips that will show you the progress of the operation, it will take a few minutes (if the tablet is not overloaded) of data!).
  • Once the backup is complete, you will automatically return to the CWM, choose -reboot system now- and restart the tablet.
  • Backups are saved in a folder called -clockworkmod-. I recommend, for convenience, to move everything on the external SD if you have it. Here I enclose the video that you have made Arctablet, well done and extremely clear. Do not pay attention to the model you will see, it is not a U39gt but the 30gt, for installation purposes does not change anything. Trust me.I am attaching the video of Arctablet, extremely clear and well done.

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