How to install Telegram on Ubuntu (PPA)

To install Telegram on Ubuntu there are certainly more methods; just to mention a few, we can use it via a plugin Pidgin or via the official web application. The latter however - for my taste - is a bit uncomfortable, since, after launching the application, it does nothing but start a new tab on our browser.

Lorenzo Carbonell, author of - a Spanish blog - has created the PPA of the official application, which can therefore be easily installed via the terminal.

Install Telegram on Ubuntu

Installation is as simple as any package, you need to add the repository first, then update and install: here are the three commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/telegram
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install telegram

At this point you should find Telegram among the installed apps, if not restarted.

The bad thing of this repository is the lack of aggiornamento automatico; as for the functions, however, we are unable to record audio directly from the application. However, we can register it through external applications and send it as a file, since Telegram supports sending files with different extensions.
On-screen notifications are shown at the bottom right; they are therefore not integrated with the system one and to receive the messages the app must remain open.
install Telegram on UbuntuInitially the application will be in English, so you need to reach the settings to download the Italian language.

Certainly with the next releases it can only improve.


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