How to integrate Google Drive in Ubuntu

Google Drive is the cloud storage service created by Google

As often happens for the software created by Big G, even Google Drive has obtained, in a very short time, a really extraordinary popularity becoming one of the most used cloud storage services in the world.

2 years have now passed since the launch of Google Drive (April 2012), in which the software has been continuously improved but which were not enough to solve a problem that annoys the entire open source community: namely the lack of an official Client for Linux that allows you to manage your space directly from the file manager of your PC.

In this article we will therefore see how integrate Google Drive into Ubuntu and derivatives  via an unofficial client, GOOGLE-DRIVE-OCAMLFUSE which will allow us to manage the files on our account directly from Nautilus or another file manager used by our Linux distribution.


Installing the Google Drive Client is very simple, just add the appropriate ppa and then install Google-Drive-Ocamlfuse.

Open the terminal and type:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: alessandro-strada / ppa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install google-drive-ocamlfuse

After installation, proceed with its configuration.


The first operation to be performed will be to authorize the Client to access our Google account, type in the terminal:


A tab will be opened in the browser that will ask you to enter your credentials to access the Google account, we complete the whole process until you have confirmed the success of the operation.


Integrate Google Drive into Ubuntu and derivatives - Authentication Confirmation Completed


Now let's create the folder in our Home that will contain all our files on Google Drive and from which we will be able to upload and download files by simply copying them or swapping them from this folder.

mkdir ~ / gdrive

All that remains is to mount the content of Google Drive inside the folder with the command:

google-drive-ocamlfuse ~ / gdrive

The configuration is finished, going to our home, inside the Gdrive folder we will find all our synchronized files that we can manage as we do with a normal system folder.
To automatically mount Google-Drive-Ocamlfuse it is sufficient to add the path to the Gdrive folder preceded by the command “between the applications of automatic"

google-drive-ocamlfuse / home / your-name / folder-name-Gdrive

for more information on how to use the software you can read the specific google-drive-Ocamlfuse Wiki a this link



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