How to integrate Transmission with Unity Launcher (Ubuntu 13.10)

Today I went back to an old useful guide to integrate the default client for downloading torrent files with Ubuntu, Transmission, on the Unity launcher. Although this is an old solution, the integration has not yet been made official, so let's see how to notify the progress of ongoing downloads directly on our launcher.

Transmission integration with Unity launcher

First of all Transmission must be installed on Ubuntu. On the latest versions it is already installed, but if this were not the case, the repositories should still be present, so it will be enough to give from the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install transmission

if it is open, we close Transmission and then start installing the integration script:

$ sudo apt-get install python-gobject python-transmissionrpc git-core
$  cd

$ git clone
$ sudo cp transmission-unity-launcher / / usr / local / bin /
$ sudo chmod + x /usr/local/bin/
$ mkdir -p ~ / .local / share / applications
$ cp /usr/share/applications/transmission-gtk.desktop ~ / .local / share / applications /
$ sed -i 's / ^ Exec = transmission-gtk / Exec = / usr / local / bin transmission-gtk /' ~ / .local / share / applications / transmission-gtk .desktop 
$ chmod + x ~ / .local / share / applications / transmission-gtk.desktop

Now we start Transmission and from the menu Modification -> Pref Renze let's move on the card Remote and check it out 'Allow remote access' e 'Allow only these IP addresses:'. We must leave everything else unchanged, the IP address must remain and there must be no password.


We close the Preferences and also Transmission, and open the Home folder. Here you need to find a file that is in a hidden folder so we press Ctrl + H to show all hidden files. We just have to locate Transmission in the address /.local/share/applications and copy it to our launcher.

Starting Transmission now, the launcher will appear as in the following photo, notifying you how many downloads are in progress and where they arrived!



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