How to send attachments above 5 MB with Gmail

I believe that gmail is one of the most used applications to send and receive e-mails, especially after the possibility of using e-mail accounts of other e-mail services has been introduced.

Unfortunately, Gmail has - in my opinion - a big limit for sending attachments: to send an attachment from Android, we must ensure that it does not exceed the 5 MB (25 MB, if I'm not mistaken, from PC and web app), otherwise the application will warn us that it will not be possible.


Can I bypass this limit and send attachments greater than 5 MB with Gmail?

Obviously yes, and there are two ways. The first, the official one, consists of the use of Drive, but I'm not here to talk about it because you can find all the details here.

Despite Drive it is possible to send attachments up to several Gigabytes, I am among those who do not use Cloud, if not rarely to share files here on the blog. Furthermore I don't need to send very large files, on average we talk about ten Megabytes.

Since I didn't want to use Drive just for this, nor to change apps, I searched for another solution and found it with Xposed, the famous Android framework.
As already understood, it is necessary to have root permissions. I'm not going to explain to you how to install Xposed framework, we've already done it here (here instead all the modules reviewed), but instead we see which module must be activated.

Once Xposed is started, in the section Download in English, you need to look for the form GMail App Attachment Size, so you will need to download it, install it, activate it and restart the device. That's all!
In fact, this module has no graphic interface or settings to set. When it is active it will automatically bring the limit from 5 MB to 25 MB!

That's all for now. In the days to follow I will probably talk about other modules!

module-Xposed-gmail-inthebit gmail-limit-removed

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