How to remove ads from Android

In this article I will show you how to eliminate most of the advertisements from applications and websites, this will allow you to reduce the loading time of Web pages and to eliminate unsightly banner ads from the apps.

Obviously all this is incorrect, those who insert an advertisement into their product certainly do not do so with the intention of annoying the user, but are simply trying to monetize their work by charging the advertiser instead of the actual user.

Having said that let's move on to the details: this article does not in any way want to encourage piracy, hiding an advertising banner may seem a superficial and unimportant operation, but remember that doing so will deprive the developer of his earnings. All this is presented for illustrative purposes.

You'll need to remove ads from Android Adaway, a very light application that takes up little RAM and does not weigh down the device at all. Just install it, configure it and it will do everything in the background, in complete autonomy.


Adaway installation

Install Adaway like a normal third-party Apk, so make sure that in the Android menu, in:

Settings -> Security

the item is checked "Unknown origins“, Then using a file explorer click on the Adaway .apk file to install it.

Adaway configuration

The configuration of Adaway is disarmingly simple, once the application is started, on the initial screen select "Download the files and apply the ad blocker"Nothing else, from now on you can even forget about Adaway because it will do everything in the background!


Adaway: Remove advertising from Android

To disable ad blocking, simply select the eponymous button on the home screen previously viewed.

What are the conclusions?

Adaway is a really interesting application, personally I consider it the best of its kind for the simple reason that it prevents the loading of almost all the advertisements, it can happen that some banners escape it but these are few exceptions.

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