How to solve the problem of notifications on Xiaomi with notch

If you have an Xiaomi smartphone with notch, you will surely hate the notification problem related to MIUI, which disappear soon after being displayed by the status bar. An official fix is ​​long overdue but for most of the Xiaomi devices affected by the problem it is slow to arrive. Fortunately, an app available on the Play Store takes care of part of the notification problem: Notch Notification for MIUI.

How to solve the problem of status bar notifications on Xiaomi smartphones with notch

how to solve xiaomi notch notifications problem

Notch Notifications for MIUI is an application developed by an Italian guy, member of xda-developers, and solves this annoying bug of notifications on all Xiaomi smartphones equipped with notch. The application is free and it does quite well what it promises, however it is also available in a Pro version for the price of 2 €. In this case, in addition to the fix, it allows us to customize the color of the notifications. Download the free version using the following badge and continue reading the post to find out how to configure it.

Notch Notifications for MIUI
Notch Notifications for MIUI

How does Notch Notifications for MIUI work

The application is very intuitive. At the first start you will need all the necessary permissions to access the notifications and show them in the status bar, also you will have to remove the limits set by the MIUI for the battery and give the permission to start automatically. Simply click on GO to get to the settings and do the above. Fundamental operation to avoid the closure of the application by MIUI.

Once this is done, you will find yourself in the configuration screen. Here you can set the exact point where notifications will be shown in the status bar permanently; obviously until reading or removal. So you will have to choose the size of the notification icons and the left and top padding, that is the distance in pixels from the two edges, and finally whether or not to hide them with full screen apps. Recommended option since Notch Notifications for MIUI also shows notifications on other apps. Finally, to show the changes, simply click on the button in the form of an email, at the bottom right, which will send a test notification.

A correct distance can vary from smartphone to smartphone. On Xiaomi Mi 9 for example a correct position is obtained by setting x on 210-250 (to avoid clock and system notifications) e y on 35. The application, as already anticipated, should work on all Xiaomi smartphones with notch and on smartphones with similar notification problems in the status bar. It does not work on the lock screen instead. Below is a list of tested smartphones:

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