How to find Android with xtraSEC

We send some text messages, activate data and gps and xtraSEC will find our lost or stolen smartphone!

xtraSec is a free app on the play store that allows us to find our lost or stolen smartphone in any case!

Data disabled, WiFi off, GPS off or even a change of card can do nothing against this app. In fact, by means of codes to be sent by SMS, from any number, it is possible to activate data, WiFi, capture photos from front and / or rear camera, obtain information on the battery and of course have the device position via GPS.

After installing it you need to enter a pin code to lock the application settings and authenticate with your Gmail account to have special permissions and to log in on website to locate the browser device instead.

Let's see in detail how it works:

  • xtraSEC continuously monitors our device, without weighing on the battery, anonymously. That is, we will not have notifications of what happens. Useful if the device is stolen from us. In this case we can send text messages and receive replies without the thief knowing
  • if an unrecognized card is inserted, the app will immediately send the new phone number to a number previously chosen by us, obviously if we have more cards we can add the numbers to the whitelist from the settings
  • if we have given the app the Gmail permissions, as soon as a wrong password is entered to unlock the phone, we will receive a photo, captured by the front camera, on our e-mail account
  • we can have more controls over the web (phone lock via pin and completely format phone and SD) by buying the app at 2.99 $ for a year, 4.99 $ for 2 years or 5.99 $ for 3 years. Without the purchase of the app, it is impossible to manage from the web!

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  • Finally, more importantly, it is advisable to use ROOT permissions so that the app can automatically enable data and GPS remotely! Obviously we may not even have the permits, but we should guess the moment when the thief activates the GPS to do the research and, worse, in case of loss, it would be impossible to find our device if the GPS was deactivated!

Now let's see the codes we can use to control the device remotely in this image


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The app also warns us that it is not CaSe SeNsItIvE, so it is not case sensitive. What's more, users who use GoSMS must disable notifications of other messages from the settings.

Finally, if we wanted to uninstall the application we need to remove the permissions (Gmail, ROOT). 

Download it from Play Store

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