How to download music with Telegram [Guide]

Despite Telegram was born as an instant messaging app, update after update introduced more and more interesting features. One of these concerns i muzzle, that anyone can create and manage at will, creating real channels with different functionalities, as in the case of VK Music Bot, which allows download music for free.

How to download music with Telegram

Using the bot is very simple: as with any other bot, you first need to add it to your chat, and to do it, simply search @vkmusic_bot via the search bar, then press starts. The bot will start giving us directions and suggestions on commands, but the language will be in English. To set the Italian just send the command / setlang, then choose Italian from the list that will be shown immediately after.

Now it will be possible download music with Telegram! The controls are very simple: with / song song_name we will get a list of songs related to the name sought; with / artist artist_nameinstead, we will receive a random list of songs by the artist you are looking for. At this point, just click on the selected song or send - by command - the number of the song shown in the list; /1, for example, to download the first track. We will receive a message with the track, so with one click the download will start.

In addition to the basic ones, there are several other commands. With /l, for example, we can get the text of the last song received; the text is only available if the emoticon is in the form of a book next to the track name. With / getall we receive all the tracks available in the list. With / save save a track as a favorite. Finally there are other commands that will work with an account VK associated.

Did you already know this bot to download music with Telegram? Is there a bot you want to recommend? Let us know!

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