How to find out the private number

Are you still receiving anonymous calls and don't know how to get out? There is a service free allowing discover the private number!
We are not talking about the very famous method by Salvatore Aranzulla, But say Whooming. Whooming is a service that does not need any installation to work, just register for free on the site and configure your phone as explained on the site itself. The language is also available in Italian.

After registering, we take the phone and go into the settings, then move on to call diversion. Now we enter the number 0694802015 And that's it! As soon as we receive a call from a private number, it is sufficient to reject the call, which will be diverted to the number previously entered. After a few moments we will receive an email that will notify us of the call received. We enter the site and immediately discover who called us!
The new Whooming policy no longer makes us discover the private number on the instant; will show us instead only the first digits of the number, then we will have to wait 24 hours to see the entire number, or - as an alternative - it will be possible to share and let our friends on Facebook know that we are using this service to find out immediately the private number that called us; the last possibility is to pay.

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It is not difficult to set up call forwarding on a mobile phone or smartphone, but for those who cannot do it or do not know how, simply call the number 0694802015 inserted in a code, that is: ** 67 * 0694802015 #. Some operators, however, have a different code to set call forwarding via a simple phone call, so below we see the codes of Italian operators.

MANAGER Number to be dialed
Tim ** 67 * 0694802015 #
Vodafone ** 67 * 0694802015 #
wind ** 67 * 0694802015 #
Three - H3G ** * 67 0694802015 11 * #
Telecom Italy * 22 * 0694802015 #
Tele2 * 22 * 0694802015 #
Albacom * 22 * 0694802015 #
Fastweb * 22 * 0694802015 #
Infostrada * 22 * 0694802015 #
Tiscali * 240694802015 *
Bipmobile ** * 67 0694802015 11 * #

If we have an android smartphone, we can download the app to monitor the numbers directly from our device.

Download Whooming | Link to the Playstore

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