InTheBit Contest: win a Smartwatch

We have taken and reviewed a smartwatch and now we are starting our Contest!

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The contest will officially start today 26 October, will have a total duration of 15 days and will end on November 10 at 16.00.
Participating is very simple. Just follow our pages, RSS feeds or tweet the article via the following tool. Tweets can be used multiple times, once a day, to have a better chance of winning. Each action will give several points, which will be accumulated. The higher the score, the greater the chance of winning. The last option allows you to share the article with your friends and the points will be distributed when they click the link and there is no limit.
If you are already following our pages, you can very well remove your like and add it again. The important is use the tool below, otherwise no points will be awarded! Some actions require email and name: it is important to enter them to contact you in case of a win; these data will not be used for other purposes.
The winner will be chosen randomly in the days following the end of the contest and will be published in a new post. Cheating is prohibited.

For any information you can use comments, good luck!

InTheBit Contest win smartwatch

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