Crazy Taxi for Android becomes free!

Who has never played at Crazy Taxi home Sega on the old consoles Play Station? Maybe not the new generations, but those who have more than 20 years will surely remember this game, where the goal was to transport people to their destination, on a taxi, before the time runs out.

About a year ago this game arrived on Android, but today it becomes free for a limited time, exactly up to 19 March. Probably this offer was made to advertise the new chapter, Crazy Taxy City Rush, which should come out soon and it will be too free.

The latter will have about the same gameplay as the first chapter but with many more features, such as thetaxi upgrades, the possibility of import music to listen to what we prefer during the game and it will be more social! We don't really talk about multiplayer, in fact it seems to be integrated only with Facebook, through which we will be able to confront ourselves with our friends and perhaps even give them passages to complete extra missions and have better scores on the rankings.

City Rush should reach the Play Store perhaps during the spring, or at the beginning of summer at the latest. This fact will first be released in some countries as a test, before the final release.
For now you can enjoy this video preview or download the current version via the badge below.

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