Create custom boot animation for Android

Today I want to translate a guide found on XDA that allows you to create custom animation for booting Android devices. The guide stops at what was said, does not explain how to set up the animation, but only to create it.

In order to customize the animation from an existing video, you need three programs, which are freeware and you can download from the following links

  • Video pad editor | Link [converts a video into individual frames]
  • Image Resizer | Link [to resize images]
  • Boot animation creator | Link [to create the final file, boot animation]

Video conversion in frames

  • Install video pad editor which is a software package
  • then open PhotoStage Slideshow Producer
  • click Add Media and select the video to convert
  • after adding the video, select it from the list (on the left) and click Add to show, among the 4 buttons next door
  • click now Quick Create (magic wand symbol), next to Add Media
  • set the parameters and click Export Now
  • a popup will open, click Add to Sequence end and use the preset resolution (240 × 320)

Resize images

If the images you have created are not suitable for your device, follow these simple steps, otherwise go to the next point.

  • Install image Resizer
  • open the folder containing all the images, select them all, press right button and click Resize Pictures
  • selected custom and from the drop-down menu Stretch to, then set the resolution and click Resize
  • delete the previous images or move them to a new folder, so as to have the new images all in the same folder with the same resolution.

Boot animation

  • Open bootanimation creator
  • click Next
  • Step 1
    click Choose folder. Make sure the folder containing the images is inside another main folder, which should contain nothing but the same folder with images.

    Example: if the folder with frames in it was called "frames", this should be inside another folder, which we call "Images" so that the path is similar to:
    images (it must contain nothing but the file directory) frames file
  • then choose the main folder (in the example "images") and click Next
  • Step 2
    selected Add loop, select the folder from the drop-down menu and set the parameters as you prefer, then press Next to create the animation!


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