Create Android Apps without writing a line of code

Do you want to create Android Apps but you don't have the necessary Java knowledge?

Well today we will see how to create an App of your blog, to tell the truth it is more of a web-app that only allows you to browse your site as if it were a full screen browser; a solution that can be useful if you have little technical knowledge (or economic resources) for the realization of your application, but you still want to offer your readers an additional tool that helps them to follow us and that can prove to be an excellent ally in their loyalty .

To create our Android Application we will use a free web platform, we will not have to install any software on our PC and can therefore be used by any operating system you have installed on your PC, you need a browser and an internet connection, nothing else.

The service is called AppsGeyser, then go to Official site and select "Create Now".


Create Android Apps - Appsgeyser homepage

In the next window we click on "website“, As you can see there are many categories that you can use according to your needs.

Now all we have to do is "personalize"Our application (the possible customizations are very minimal), enter the website address in the first field, then the app name, description, icon, orientation (automatic) and finally the category, then we press on CREATE APP.
And finally we insert: Name, Surname, Email and Password, we accept the terms of the and SignUp rules.
Now download the application: we wait 1-2 minutes (time required for the app to be compiled) and click on DOWNLOAD.
Just move the apk on the phone and you're done, or alternatively, you can scan the quarcode from the phone and the application will automatically download.

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