How to create images with polygonal effect (low poly)

What is the low poly?

Il low poly is a technique used in 3D video games to create characters and objects. It's called low poly because in the realization "few" polygons are used, triangles that go to make up more complex, larger polygons. More are the polygons used for to define the object, the higher the details and the higher the hardware requirements for the game. A high number of polygons is instead used for the realization of animations in the films, to have very realistic effects; the latter technique is called high poly.

Simple images with polygonal (or low poly) effect

Create images with polygonal effect (low poly)

Leaving aside the low poly adopted for the rendering of video games, we have the possibility to transform any image in a low poly or, simply, polygonal image. However, the “handmade” realization is quite complex and, in addition to the request for a long time, it is necessary to have and know how to use it well Photoshop or other image manipulation tools; on YouTube you can find some tutorials anyway.
However, nowadays, there are solutions that make life easier for us in many circumstances, and even in this case we could not miss a 'Android application or some online service that can create on the fly spectacular images with polygonal effect!
As an example image I used the following cheetah found on Google.

How to create images with polygonal effect (low poly)

Who high definition image

How to create low poly images from PC

The first online service to triangulate images is an open source project quite simple to use, but with few filters (blur, number of polygon points, etc). Who you can find the site, e here the project and the source code. Personally, the result did not surprise me that much.

create images with polygonal effect

Who high definition image

Another website for create low poly images you can find it here; compared to the previous one it is more complete, but still not difficult to use. It has a system drag-and-drop for uploading images; you can choose up to 10000 points (greater number of polygons) for a more defined image; gives the possibility to choose the color of the polygons and the fill size, etc. By tweaking a few minutes, you get a much better polygonal effect than the previous one.

how to create images with low poly effect

Who high definition image

How to create polygon effect images with Android

Finally we go to the application I prefer, Triangulate it!, A 'app for Android that in no time transforms any image into a low poly image. It is also the most simple and intuitive, moreover it is free and you can use it comfortably from any Android device.

Triangulate it!
Triangulate it!
Developer: Xandox Apps
Price: Free+

Triangulate it has a very simple interface, with few functions but still very effective. The buttons at the bottom allow you to increase or decrease the polygons and to move from one filter to another; we always talk about low poly effects, but among the filters there are also the classic black and white and other fill effects. A really interesting function is certainly the selection of the area to which to apply the polygonal effect; with the keys in the upper row, in fact, we choose the size of the touch, then with a few taps we go to remove the effect if we have selected “-” or to apply it if we have selected “+”. Below is the gallery with the images and effects used in the description.

Who the gallery with original resolution.

Finally, the potential of this application even allows create low poly videos! To create a video with a polygonal effect, simply select the video, choose the number of frames, the resolution and finally the desired effect and in a few minutes the video will be converted! This is what a very short video of Star Wars found on Telegram!

Did you already know the low poly technique and have you ever used it? Do you know other tools? Let us know with a comment!

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