Cube iwork8: Windows 10 tablet less than 75 euro!

If you are looking for a tablet and if you want the new one Windows 10 as an operating system Cube iwork8 could be the tablet for you! Only tomorrow, Wednesday 11 November, the price of this iwork8 will be discounted at 79.99$, which with the current exchange rate correspond to approx 73 €.
Let's look at the features to assess whether it's worth buying or not.

Cube iwork8 mounts a processor Intel Atom x5-Z8300 to 64 bit, Quad Core CPU that has a frequency of 1.44 GHz, but that can reach a maximum of 1.84 GHz via turbo boost; the integrated graphics card is Intel Gen8. To these are added 2 GB of RAM, while the internal memory is of 32 GB, further expandable through micro SD.

CPU Cube iwork8

The name of this tablet probably indicates the size of the display, in fact Cube iwork8 mounts an IPS panel from 8 ″ with resolution to 1280 × 800 pixel, or WXGA which is not the maximum on this diagonal. An HDMI output is also available to connect the tablet to the TV and a micro USB port that also acts as an OTG, useful for connecting various devices; OTG cable included in the box.

Cube iwork8 OTG

Being a tablet we can't expect much from the photo compartment: Cube iwork8 mounts a camera from just 2 MP both on the front and on the back - without flash. The battery has a capacity of 3300 mAh and the supplied charger has an output of 2A.

If you are wondering if the iwork8 is able to make and receive calls, the answer is No.. However it has everything that should not be missing on a tablet low cost: WiFi b / g / n, Bluettoth 4.0 in addition to the already mentioned mini HDMI and OTG outputs. The tablet's overall dimensions are 21.338 x 12.709 x 0.98 cm for a total weight of 349 grams.

Cube iwork8 dimensions

If the features of this tablet have convinced you, I remind you that the price will fall tomorrow 11 November and will be sold at about 73 €. The following days - Thursday and Friday - the price will be raised to 84 $ (about 77 €); after which the price will remain 90 $. | Buy it now

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