Cubot V1 is the 15 Euro Smartband in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 style

Cubot V1 is a Smartband designed by Cubot, a well-known Chinese company, manufacturer of low cost smartphones. This bracelet has a style very similar to that of Xiaomi Mi Band 2, complete with an OLED display and lowest price, but one less feature: no heart rate sensor.

Cubot V1

Cubot V1 features

The bracelet of this Smartband is made in TPUaluminum alloy, around 23 cm long and adjustable through the special interlocking closure. The OLED touch screen display is from 0.88 ″ with resolution to 128 x 32 pixels and certification IP65, therefore resistant to water splashes and dust.

Cubot V1 is equipped with a sleep monitor and a pedometer; these are shown directly on the display during physical activity. In addition to pedometers, notifications of calls, messages and various applications, date, time, etc. are also shown. Each notification will be accompanied by a vibration to get our attention. To configure it you need to install the dedicated app, compatible with both Android that with iOS.

Still regarding physical activity, the pedometer is not the only function that Cubot V1 is equipped with; in fact by touching the screen we will have additional information regarding the calories burned, distance traveled and so on.

The battery is 80 mAh and guarantees up to one month of autonomy in stand-by. The total weight is just 22 grams, finally it is compatible with Android 4.3 or above and iOS 7.1 or above and interfaces via Bluetooth 4.0.

Cubot V1 is available in gray, black or blue. It costs exactly 14.93 Euros with free shipping charges. Payment available via PayPal.

Buy Cubot V1 at 14.93 Euro

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