CyanogenMod 11 Snapshot M9 is out!

After the M8 snapshot, the CyanogenMod team releases the M9 snapshot

CyanogenMod 11

Here is the changelog in English:

CyanogenMod Blog: Snapshot M9 Released!

Here the changelog translated by me:

### CHANGELOG: CM11.0 M9 (IT)

* Themes support other elements of the user interface
* Heads Up - bug fix
* Lock screen - Double tap permission to send the phone to standby when security is in place
* Torch - Better performance
* Quick Tiles - / ** /
* High volume security in headphones - prompt during interference with third-party devices
* Ability to move the clock to the center (Settings> Status bar)
* Proximity sensor support to wake up - thanks to this function it will be possible to prevent the device from accidentally waking up in the pocket, this will be avoided thanks to the proximity sensor
* Filter spam notifications - set to auto-ignore annoying notifications (like in games, for example clash of clans); manage in the Privacy menu (Settings> Privacy)
* Search settings - Improvements
* Use info data - added support for CDMA devices without sim card
* Bluetooth - Added A2DP profile :: Disabled AVRCP 1.5 by standard
* EMail - fixed problem for saving attachments in memory for POP3 account
* Translations (Thanks to CM Crowdin Team!)
* Play Services accounts lead to wakelock
* Fixed problems with encryption in some LG devices
* Telephone keypad - added support for Korean and Chinese for smart dialers

Here for downloads: CyanogenMod Downloads: Snapshots

OTA Channel: Release Channel

Branch: Snapshot / Stable

We recommend that everyone who mounts a Nightly install this M9 only after a wipe data / cache.

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