CyanogenMod 12: official build is OUT!

Ready to void the guarantee of your smartphone!

The befana gave us the first build official area of CM12! The roll-out is happening at this time, so if your device is not on the list ... you have to wait!

Not all devices they are supported by CM, the causes can be many, from the insufficient availability of drivers to make the CM12 work properly to the impossibility of enabling the SELinux (a Linux security module).

Here are those currently supported:

  • bacon
  • d802
  • dlx
  • e975
  • e980
  • avoids
  • falcon
  • find5
  • flo
  • ghost
  • hlte
  • hltespr
  • jewel
  • jfltevzw
  • klte
  • m7
  • m7spr
  • m7vzw
  • m8
  • mako
  • mondrianwifi
  • moto_msm8960
  • t6
  • t6spr
  • t6vzw
  • serrano3gxx
  • serranoltexx
  • shamu
  • v500
  • city
  • vs985

Other terminals will be added in the following days.

The CM team writes on its blog that it is possible to flash the CyanogenMod 12 without doing any wipe, if you are using the CM 11 S12le nightly. However, I recommend a clean installation, that is to flash it after having performed a wipe data or, in case you do not want to wipe data, to perform at least a wipe cache after the flash, just to avoid force close or strange anomalies with the installed apps.
I remind you that CyanogenMod is based on Lollipop 5.0.1, which uses ART, which definitely replaces the Dalvik cache.

Everything related to the telephone and connectivity (BT, Wi-Fi, etc.) should work well; it is however one nightly, so the percentage of finding different bugs is quite high.
Finally, some features like the navbar, the theme engine and so on are missing. These will also be introduced with the next releases.

If your terminal is not included in the list, you can rely on unofficial roms. As mentioned above, however, the CyanogenMod 12 will reach other terminals in the following days.

Download CM12: CMDownload

Download GApps: Lollipop GApps - BasketBuild

Official CyanogenMod blog post: CM Blog, "L" is for "Lollipop"

Happy flashing!

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