CyanogenMod: The release of the M6 snapshots started

Every month, as we know, the CyanogenMod team releases the Monthly Snapshot, of the nearly stable CMs, today the release for various devices begins the release of the M6 snapshot, here are the first devices to receive the M6:


  • deb
  • d802
  • d801
  • d800
  • d2lte
  • crepe
  • captivatemtd
  • love me
  • acclaim
  • a700

The innovations introduced are not yet clear, but as I saw from yesterday's nightly, the torch icon, the icon of the themes has changed and I have not found further news ... I will try it 😀

How to update?

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It is possible to update our ROM thanks to CM Updater or manually from recovery. In case your mobile is not on the list above, don't worry, wait 😀

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