Debian 8 Jessie stable available

Trivia: The name Debian comes from the name of the developer's girlfriend [Ian Murdock] main of the distribution (Deb) ra + Ian = Debian 🙂

And so after almost 2 years, Debian gets updated to the 8 (Jessie) version, which has been in development for about 2 years!
What's new?
Well, they are few, the most relevant are two in particular:

  • Packages updated to recent versions (Not all, in fact GNOME is the 3.14 version and not 3.16
  • Systemd, the replacement for SysVInit
  • This is nothing new: Linux 3.16 -.-

As we see above, the packages are never the last version, just because Debian is a very stable distribution, so in older versions (which have been tested several times) it is difficult to find high-level bugs, but it is not obvious that there are not they are!
Systemd instead of sysvinit: the init system (ie the program that manages the services) has been changed after so many discussions in the Debian team, we have come to the choice of using Systemd and not Upstart (the old init system of Ubuntu, which now also uses systemd in the last 15.04). With btrfs and xfs (/ e / home) as filesystems + systemd, boot times are simply fantastic! (15 seconds) And you can also do better ... Maybe compiling a kernel without initrd, so the filesystem will not be checked.
But let's move on to the sore point ... Linux 3.16... Well, the choice is justified but in my opinion the 3.16 being a few months old could very well not put it, the 3.18 is longterm ('Increased' support).

Despite this it is a distro that I really appreciate, and it is my favorite along with Arch,
you can get Debian 9 (testing) by adding the repo testing to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb testing main

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