Deer Hunter 2014: one of the best hunting games for android

Deer Hunter is the new title of the famous software house Glu Mobile, famous in the gaming field for creating many of the best games for android such as Blood & Glory and Frontline Commando.

With these premises we can only expect a game with a very high graphic level: we understand from the beginning that it aspires to conquer the peak among hunting games for android, from the amazing attention to detail shown from the first game screen.

Deerhunter Deerhunter

The audio part it is also of the highest level, it manages to involve us intensely in the gameplay with background sounds that recreate, together with the excellent graphics, a very realistic environment, which, combined with the various game modes, make Deer Hunter a very title compelling and not very boring.

We will travel from North America to the African savannah to hunt various species of animals: the missions will be divided into hunting trips that will allow us to earn money to be able to buy and upgrade our weapons, which have various characteristics that must be adapted to the type of animal to hunt.

Deerhunter Deerhunter

the commands they are well made: we have a pad to aim and a button to shoot, everything is quite simple and intuitive, moreover the game integrates the multiplayer connected directly to Google+ to be able to invite our friends in cooperative challenges where teamwork will be essential to complete objectives and receive rewards.

Deer Hunter is free but it allows you to buy some additional paid items, which, however, do not preclude a completely free gaming experience. Download

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