Deezer, Spotify's main competitor becomes free on Android!

A news that surely will please all those who, like me, always wear headphones behind: Deezer, thanks to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes Free. Deezer will be divided into 2 subscriptions: FREE (cost 0) and Premium (Cost 9,99 euro)

FREE subscription features:

  • 30 Millions of songs to listen to
  • Flow mode that intelligently manages your library
  • Unlimited Radio

PREMIUM subscription features (Cost 9,99 euro):

  • You will be able to pre-select what to listen to and program it for a certain time (as with Guarda later than YouTube)
  • Radio tracks can be skipped
  • Music will also be available offline
  • No advertising interruption.

I would say that the Premium subscription is exaggerated as a cost: the cost should be equal to 5 euro, with TIM I take 9,99 euro cubomusica, calls, sms, internet.
We'll see how Spotify and Play Music respond!

Download Deezer | Download in English

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