Dezaku Droid: The new alternative to Sudoku for Android

Enter the Playstore the new puzzle that will break into your free time, it is about Dezaku Droid!

An application that brings the Dezaku to your Android, a game with what it takes to replicate the success of the most famous Sudoku.

The objective is to fill the checkerboard boxes with numbers from 1 to 9, taking into consideration the mathematical rules indicated in the special special boxes.

Defining the instructions of a puzzle in a single sentence is certainly not exhaustive, so let's see in detail some graphic examples that clarify how it works.

Each box consists of:

  • a number
  • a mathematical symbol
  • an arrow

Taking the first level of the game as an example:

the box with "5 +" indicates that in the boxes indicated by the arrow (which I highlighted in orange) numbers must be inserted from 1 to 9, each in each box, whose sum must be equal to 5.


To get 5 with the sum of two numbers we must necessarily use the 2 and the 3, but we do not yet know in which order they must be entered (2 + 3 or 3 + 2?) We see that the first of the two highlighted boxes is vertically affected by another question: 16 +, which indicates that the sum of the numbers contained in the boxes indicated (which I highlighted in light blue) must be 16.


So let's try to solve some rows and columns correctly:


As you can see in the example, the three linked requests (5 +, 16 + and 5 *) have been satisfied:

  • the sum between 3 and 2 provides 5
  • the sum of 8, 3 and 5 provides 16
  • multiplication between 5, 5, 1 and 1 provides 25

A very interesting mathematical game, great for keeping your mind in training with its 12 levels with increasing difficulty and with other "coming" 8.

Dezaku Droid was recently created by the Italian developer FabryProg who opted for a clear and simple graphic, with a relaxing background: show the chessboard in the upper part of the screen and the keyboard with which to select the numbers to insert in the lower part.

Being an application created recently it suffers from some bugs: in the Nexus 4 for example the key to insert the number 5 is not shown.

The problem has already been reported to developer, who is very active in this project and will soon be able to solve the various problems that users will report during the first "break-in" phase, if you want to contribute to improving the application, report any operations directly to FabryProg via the PlayStore.

To download Dezaku Droid on your Android click the following link | Download in English

And what do you think? Were you already aware of Dezaku?

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