We give the right applications permissions (MIUI and Android 4.3)

Despite the MIUI is a ROM based on android 4.1.1, it offers some features that are not present on android. In this article we talk about application permissions.

When we go to install an application from the play store we see that this requires using certain features of our device. For example the call log, text message reading, our position, etc. Some even ask to get our phone ID too! That is IMEI, IMSI, etc. By default these permissions are granted, so let's find out how to deny them.
There are two ways. Via Permissions, a MIUI system application, and via settings-> applications.


This utility is excellent because it allows us to monitor all our installed applications. Let's open it and find three tabs

  • Permissions shows two options: MIUI_permessi_applicazioni
    - Manage application permissions where we can decide whether or not to monitor apps and see which applications use certain permissions. More precisely, they are grouped under SECURITY where we can manage the apps that require: Send SMS, Call, Phone status Call control and PRIVACY where we can manage the apps that require: SMS, Contacts, Call Log, Location and Phone ID. It is therefore possible to find the same app in multiple tabs depending on the permissions requested.
    - ROOT allows us to easily enable and disable ROOT without the need for flash or external programs and to manage applications with these permissions. An application with root permissions will have all the permissions granted.
  • Applications allows us to manage applications individually and in addition to individual permissions we find two options:
    I trust this application that by activating it it will automatically allow all permissions, without exception, but it will still be controlled by MIUI.
    Automatic start permissions will allow the application to start automatically when the terminal starts.
    Details, below, to get specific information about the app, such as the status of notifications and popups, the weight of the app and the data used and the ability to delete data and caches. It is also possible to terminate the app and uninstall it.
  • Log shows us information about all the apps and permissions required and therefore whether they have been granted or not, based on what we have chosen.


Applications (Settings)

From here we see the applications in the same way as the Permits application in the tab shows us Applications, with the difference that we are already shown the details and, in addition, also all the system applications. Also here there are some tabs

  • All jackets shows all user and system applications, it is therefore possible to change the permissions to the pre-installed apps (at your own risk)
  • download shows only the applications installed by us
  • In use shows us the apps running in the background. Tapping we can interrupt or report the app
  • cache shows all processes saved in the cache. It is possible to remove them individually.

Android 4.3

With the latest update, android has included permission management, but unfortunately hidden. To be able to use the permission manager, it is necessary to use an alternative launcher like Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, just to name a few.

After installing the launcher we prefer, we hold down on the home to add a shortcut and choose Activities. Now let's look for Settings and expand the menu to search Op. App. and press on it to add it to the home, then open it.
We are now a manager for all applications, user and system, divided into four tabs: Position, Personal, Messages Device. As for the MIUI therefore we find the applications divided according to the permissions they require, so it is possible to find the same app in several tabs.

NOTE: It is important to know how to manage permits. Having the ability to change permissions to an app does not mean having to deny everything. For example, if we deny the use of GPS to a browser or access to text messages and a Launcher, these will not work!

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