Nexus devices are vulnerable to DoS attacks

Google certified devices, which receive the latest Android updates before any other device, are considered to be among the most secure devices. We are talking about the Nexus which, unlike what has just been said, seems to be instead vulnerable to a certain type of attack.

It was confirmed by a Romanian researcher, Bogdan Alecu, that the Nexus are exposed to risk of DoS attack via a type of SMS, the Flash SMS. The flash SMS is not saved as a common SMS, but is displayed only on screen, about how it happens when we type the code to view the credit, or to see the IMEI or similar codes.

Apparently, receiving a Flash SMS does not involve any risk. The problem can arise when receiving multiple Flash messages in a short amount of time, which can cause freeze (device lock for a few moments-seconds), crash or even restart. For example, 30 Flash SMS, sent in a short time, causes a reboot of the device, and it is impossible to notice if we are not looking at the phone at that precise moment.

Google has known for about a year that the Nexus are exposed to these attacks and promised to fix it with Android 4.3. Android 4.4 has already been released but the problem persists! But the most alarming thing is that among the various devices tested by Alecu himself, about 20, only the devices Nexus they seem to be vulnerable to such attacks. Also sending an attack like this is not so complicated, since the Play Store offers a wide choice of applications able to do so, including one created by Alecu himself. Fortunately, however, Bogdan Alecu has also developed an app to keep his Nexus safe, and you can find it in the badge below.


As already mentioned, the problem is not in receiving a single Flash SMS, but receiving dozens in a short time. Obviously this can annoy the user under attack, or even worse the latter can also lose data. But as for the attack, this, fortunately, is not dangerous for the device and should not cause any damage.


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