Draw2Dial: call .. drawing on the screen

Draw2Dial is a new application created by the XDA developers that allows you to call predetermined contacts, simply by drawing a number on the screen.

The configuration, as can be seen from the video, is quite simple.
On the startup screen we need to enable the service and choose whether to enable it automatically at startup, we can also look at the tutorial and test the composition of the numbers with Handwriting Test. With a slide we find instead the contact card, where we can add up to a maximum of 10 contacts and then assign the corresponding number to make the call.
In the last tab instead we can configure the color and size of the brush with which to write on the screen and the same for the icon that will appear on the left of the screen, which can also be moved along the screen with an extended tap.
The app works fine, although for me the brush color change does not work

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