Two cheap 30 Euro Smartwatches!

Today we are going to analyze two Smartwatches at a very low price, individually purchasable at 2930 Euros and both can be interfaced with Android Smartphones.

Like the vast majority of products Made in China, the two Smartwatches have very particular names: iradish Y6 is the name of the first Smartwatch, GV08S the name of the second. In general, the characteristics are similar. Both have the same functions, such as pedometer, Bluetooth and dedicated app to communicate with Android devices, SIM slot, micro SD slot up to 32 GB, camera, etc.

But - apart from the appearance - they differ under two important features, namely the battery and the camera.

iradish Y6

The design of iradish Y6 was shamelessly copied from the home Smartwatch Apple, but let us not be fooled by the wheel side which, in addition to not having the same features, is actually nothing more than a camera. In my opinion it was placed in a very uncomfortable position. However the camera is well 1.3 MP.

The Y6 display and battery are average, respectively 1.54 ″ and 350 mAh. The dimensions of the case are 42x44x12.5mm; the thickness is a little too generous. The maximum circumference of the bracelet instead reaches almost 20 cm.

The price of iradish Y6 is exactly 30.08 Euro and is available for this link in the colors black, silver, gold, rose gold.


As regards the GV08S, we find a design more independent (although in reality there are dozens of smartwatches that have adopted the same design).

We find the camera in place, it will therefore not be necessary to do various stunts to take a picture of the objective placed in front of us. Unfortunately, however, we lose quality compared to the rival: only 0.3 MP.

If the camera is not the best, the battery comes into play well 500 mAh which guarantees a longer than average duration; the display is of 1.5 ″. The dimensions of the case, instead, are 43x41mm, while the bracelet is about 12 cm.

GV08S is available in 4 different colors, priced at 29.26 Euro following this one link.

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