DynamicNotifications: all notifications on the Android lockscreen

Do you know the Motorola Moto X? Do you know that notifications of all applications are shown on the lockscreen of this device? It is possible to make the notifications on the lockscreen appear the same on all Android devices with a fantastic app that I've been using for months, DynamicNotifications.

I had already talked about this application in a previous article, where I made a list of the best 10 applications of the month of October and if you want you can read it here.

DynamicNotifications is an application that really displays the notifications of all the applications we want directly on our lockscreen with even additional information like sender and text (for example if we receive an SMS or an email). Once installed, the apps on our device will all be selected, so we have to go and remove those we don't want to be notified.

Like many applications, DynamicNotifications is available in a free and paid version. The latter offers better customization of how notifications will be displayed (color, position of shortcuts, brightness, etc)

To make the application work we need to enable it by accessing the application and then activating the service from Settings -> Accessibility, then flagging the applications to be notified.
In the free function we can choose how long the display will remain on to display the notification, whether to turn off the display when the notification is removed and change some display settings.
In the paid version it is instead possible to select a repetition time to view the notifications every x minutes, hide the additional details, use the DynamicNotification lock screen instead of the default one, activate the screen when the device is removed from the pocket (ie with the sensor uncovered), activate the night mode, change the position or objects shown in the lockscreen and lock the home button so that the notification screen remains when this is pressed.
Among the advanced options of the paid version it is also possible to show more notifications, if we had notifications from multiple applications and enable the display of the number of notifications, or how many notifications for the same application.

Once the notification is received by scrolling to the left we will go directly into the app to read the message, scrolling up or down will hide the notification and to the right the device will be unlocked.

I leave you with the screenshot I made during use in which you can see the notification google + (received last) and email, gmail, whatsapp and more. To download the application, instead, find the badges at the bottom


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