Easy Backup for free with Appgratis

Only for today the application Easy Backup becomes free with Appgratis, the application that gives us an app every day. All you have to do is download it, enter the settings and enter 'appgratis' as a promotional code so you can unlock the paid options! | Download in English

Easy Backup does not require the root to work and can create backups of all types: applications, contacts, SMS, MMS, calendar, dictionary, bookmarks, address book and call log with the ability to create it directly on SD card, Dropobox, Gmail or Google Drive .

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Making these backups is very simple: starting the application we find 5 keys as in the picture


through the first, Backup, you can create a backup of our personal data, text messages, calls, etc and through Tools Apps instead we can create backups of application data and restore them through the card STORED. Through Apps Tools we can also uninstall apps, get information, reach them on the play store and share the link. With the third button, Restore Backups, instead we can restore the backups of our data, saved in the folder / SD card / Backups in the case of the SD card / internal archive, and finally view all the backups or delete them using the last two buttons

easy-backup-backup-data easy-backup-cloud

Finally, through the settings it is possible to plan the various backups, configure the accounts for remote backups and also change the destination folder of the backups to SD card.

In my opinion it is a small but excellent application with really extreme ease of use, among the best of its kind.

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