Automatic mp3 tag editor for Android

In a old article (one of the first on InTheBit) I talked about two useful applications for editing mp3 tag of songs on Android smartphones and tablets. Applications are now obsolete: droid3tagger was removed, while the other, iTag, did not follow Android updates and on many devices it is not working.

tag editor mp3 android automatag

So I started looking for a viable alternative, and after installing several applications I found the one that is really capable of editing mp3 tag in automatic, it is about AutomaTag. It is an application that is updated often, recently a fairly important feature has been added which, in my opinion, has been poorly implemented; it is the modification of the mass MP3 tags, ie it allows you to select multiple files, but it does not work if different authors and albums are selected.

Automatic Tag Editor
Automatic Tag Editor
Developer: fillobotto
Price: Free+

You can download AutomaTag from the badge above. The app is in material design style, it's completely free and shows a non-invasive banner set at the bottom. The use is very simple: when opening the application we will notice all the tracks on our Android smartphone, listed in alphabetical order; just select the track you want to edit and scroll down to view all the tracks matches found and album covers, then select the correct ones and apply the changes.

Manual modification of the mp3 tag

If the matches found by AutomaTag are not correct, then you will need to make a small manual change using the appropriate blue button, which will show an editor where you can change the name of the track, artist, album and the rest information; it is usually sufficient to add the name of the track and the artist, then update to make the changes and check the matches again. This step is only necessary in cases where the tracks are absolutely untagged.

Once the changes are updated, the MP3 tags are saved and overwritten on the song files, so even moving them to other devices, the tracks will keep their mp3 tag and album covers. As for the latter, images are found on AutomaTag ad High Definition, also changing image for a song, it will be changed to all the songs belonging to the same group and you will find everything organized independently on your favorite mp3 player. 😉

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