Elephone P7000: The system is damaged [error cause]

If you are reading this post, I bet you were a little scared to see this message on your new Smartphone:

The system is damaged, wireless update disabled!

This is the error I found, after the warning of the first OTA update on Elephone P7000: The system is damaged.

I mean, they sold us a bad smartphone? Absolutely not.

This message depends on the firmware installed on the device at the time of purchase, which is visible in the Settings -> Info on the phone, exactly under the heading Numer build.
The version installed on my Elephone P7000, for example, is the 20150521, and indicates the exact date of issue. The received version dates back to the 29 May date, that is 20150529, and generated the error reported above.

That being said, there is nothing to worry about, because - I repeat - it's a firmware problem that is not supports updating OTA. This problem is present on all the firmware versions prior to 20150525, which cannot be updated via OTA.

Obviously it is not a serious problem, as our dear Elephone P7000 will still work well, the only 'problem' will be the impossibility of making future OTA updates.

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Hey! This does not mean that it will be really impossible to update the Smartphone ('nothing is impossible' cit.), But only that it will be a little more complicated for the less experienced.
In reality the solution is simpler than we can imagine, especially for the geeks: in fact it will be enough to arm ourselves with the tool owner, the right firmware (among other things Elephone P7000 should support CyanogenMod and other ROMs) and a half hour of patience.

I'll take care of all this and then I will write a guide soon to update the firmware! Also, the review (probably also video) of Elephone P7000 😉 will soon arrive

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