ES file explorer: create LAN between android and PC

Creating a Lan network between android and PC means being able to access from your smartphone any device that is part of our home network, in particular to all the folders on our computer, it is therefore clear that configuring this functionality is very useful in many cases.

we will be able to transfer files from any folder on the smartphone to a specific folder on the PC, this is also a function AirDroid, but in this case it turns out to be much more powerful: in fact with airdroid the main limit is the inability to access all the folders of the smartphone (such as those that reside in the root partition of the system). We will also be able to access all the folders of the smartphone from the PC using the FTP protocol, without any need for the USB cable, simply from the browser.


  • ES file explorer installed in the smartphone
  • a PC (I will use an operating system based on LINUX for the guide, but also from Windows it has the same result)
  • WIFI router to which the 2 devices are connected

Having the ROOT permissions active in the phone is recommended (but not necessary!) Because it will allow us to access every existing folder in the android partition.

Download Es File Explorer


we create a folder, or select an existing one, that we want to make accessible from the phone.

If not present, we install samba (enable file sharing, printers etc.etc.nei in UNIX systems) by inserting these 2 commands in succession in the terminal:

  • sudo apt-get install samba
  • sudo apt-get install smbfs

we configure samba: open the file with a text editor/etc/samba/smb.conf " every linux distribution has its own text editor: I will use gedit (just modify the command by replacing gedit with the name of the editor in your distro)

  • sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

add the following instructions to the end of the text file:

path = / home / pincopallino / shared_file
(path in which the folder is located)
guest ok = yes
(to enable guest access)
read only = no
(if we want the files to be modified by whoever accesses them)

we just have to start ES file explorer in our smartphone (making sure it is connected to home WIFI), go to us in LAN section and click on "scans ": the program will analyze the network finding all the folders we have shared from the PC;


at this point, ES file manager, will allow to move / copy / modify each file in the folder as if it were an integral part of the memory of our smartphone.

to access all the user folders on our phone from a PC: open the ES file manager menu and select the item "Remote Manager" , then "it begins" and there will appear a FTP path that we will have to copy / paste in the search bar of the PC browser to see all the content of our smartphone.


if we wanted to take advantage of root permissions, select below "Settings" and change the path displayed by the PC, entering the root "/" we will have access to each folder of our phone (attention to what we delete or move in this partition because it can cause damage to the smartphone, I do not take any responsibility)


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