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Some time ago I told you about a new launcher, EverythingMe, then in beta and not available in Italy. Well, it is still not available for download in Italy from the Play Store, but has come out of the beta version. I also read that the new Firefox launcher will be based on EverythingMe, so I thought I'd let you try it!

The version they gave me is not the latest addition, but you can see all the features of the launcher. As I wrote in the article on this launcher (which you can read here), this is really special, different from all the others. The most striking feature is the dynamicity. The backgrounds and contents change depending on what we are looking for, which we display. For each keyword we find applications, music or places inherent to it even if we cannot yet exploit it to the full since it was not (yet) thought for Italy.

everything-home-google everything-home-pizza everything-home-pink

I leave you the download link, let us know what you think of this launcher and if you would like it to work in Italy one day

Download | Link

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