Best alternatives to the Facebook app for Android

Facebook has now become very important, one of the most visited sites on a daily basis, the social one par excellence with about a billion and a half of active users per month, about 900 million per day (from 20 to 25 million in Italy second this article). And, like any self-respecting internet site, it is accessible from every platform: PC, tablet and smartphone. Rather, more than 80% of users prefer Facebook Mobile to the Desktop.


But let's face it, Facebook mobile is not the best. L 'facebook app (especially if accompanied by Messenger), in fact, although it has undergone important updates and changes, it continues to present some problems and, leaving aside the operation, the most obvious ones are a considerable battery consumption and an excessive weight of the application on our smartphone, both in terms of RAM and internal memory. Space that could be used by other apps - even more than 10 - is used avidly by just one app! And who has a smartphone with little memory available knows what I'm talking about. 😉

Is it possible to overcome the problem of battery size and consumption? Of course yes. There are several Facebook client, many alternatives to the official facebook app for Android. In this article we will look at all the ones I found, their pros and cons, and we'll see what is the best alternative to the facebook app according to my point of view.

Facebook mobile: is a Facebook app really necessary?

Before seeing the apps, you should know that for some time now, some browser for Android allow you to receive notifications without any Facebook app installed on your terminal. My favourite is Opera Mini, but you can also enable notifications on Chrome and other browsers. Let's take a look at the browsers just mentioned: another thing they have in common is the data compression to save the megabytes of their offer while browsing. Opera however has a more advanced compression method than Chrome saving of about 40% versus 10% of Chrome. It also has a lighter impact on the system and RAM and has better management of Facebook notifications, which can be activated (or deactivated) directly from the settings, as opposed to Chrome requesting it during the first access to the Zuckerberg's social media. All that without ruining the experience of Facebook Mobile.
At this point all that remains is to place a link on our home, as if we had a real Facebook app. As for Chrome, the operation is very simple. Just visit the site, press the settings button and choose the item Add to Home screen. Opera, however, does not support this function, but we can get a launcher in the following way: just a long press on the home, choose to add a widget and a last long press on the item bookmark of the stock browser. As a bookmark to add, select Facebook (previously added), then set Opera as the main browser when it asks you which browser to open the link with.

Opera Mini Browser
Opera Mini Browser
Developer: Opera
Price: Free

But how many unofficial Facebook apps are there !?

During my search and test of the apps, I was amazed at how many alternatives to the Facebook app are in circulation. And the more the research progressed, the more apps came out. Most, however, have deserved no more than 2-3 minutes of my attention: either because it was done badly, you want it for advertising or something else, many apps have been deleted in no time. However, I leave you a list of all the tested apps, from the most "scarce" to the best, with a brief description of the pros and cons. Let me be clear: they are all lighter than the official Facebook app and almost all have integrated chat, so we can also remove Messenger. 😉

  • Tinfoil for Facebook: it is not as fast as it promises; the FB bar is not fixed at the top; few settings in English. Ability to block image uploads. | Download
  • Fast for Facebook: potentially an excellent app, with the ability to set up multiple accounts, change post layouts and create ad hoc graphics. Unfortunately it has too much publicity. | Download
  • FB Lite: probably the lightest and fastest Facebook app; I don't like it because part of the screen is occupied by a fixed banner at the bottom and a bar at the top that is purely useless if it weren't for the update button. If instead of the latter there had been the FB bar it would have been decidedly good. | Download
  • Faster Social Lite: similar to FB Lite (not for speed), it has banners at the bottom and bar at the top. The latter is richer, with links to messages, home, back up, etc. More invasive advertising with full-screen banner that appears randomly. | Download
  • Simple Lite Facebook: light and fast BUT .. opening a video, a post, an image, by pressing the back button we exit the app. Maybe a little too much fuss? Discarded immediately. | Download
  • Klyph: it looks like a promising application, but unfortunately it fails to load a profile or any information despite having given the requested permissions. If there is any news, I will update in the future. | Download
  • Mavi: this application is really quite valid. The FB bar is not set at the top, rather we find the app bar with the keys to access the menu, to go back up and to close the apps. The settings do not currently work.
    Mavi for Facebook (Material)
    Mavi for Facebook (Material)
    Developer: Gppacczwei
    Price: Free+
  • Mini for Facebook: quite fast and fast. The top bar is missing but you don't notice that much thanks to the menu with all the links, useful for those who want updated statistics on FB, the pages with the most like divided by State, communities, sports and more.
    Mini For Facebook - Mini FB
    Mini For Facebook - Mini FB
    Developer: Gold Finger
    Price: Free
  • Puffin for Facebook: Puffin is a browser for Android and iOS. The developer also thought of creating a Facebook client and I must say he did a great job. The only one problem the scroll is a bit slow, probably due to perfect optimization and data reduction without loss of quality. In fact, the consumption of mega is reduced to a minimum and we can verify it at each start of the app or with a swipe downwards. See pictures.

    Puffin for Facebook
    Puffin for Facebook
    Developer: CloudMosa Inc
    Price: Free
  • Facebook Lite for Facebook mobileFacebook Lite: I think it's the lightest application ever. It has a size of just 500 KB, the FB bar is present and fixed at the top and is very fast in loading. This is certainly favored by the very minimal graphics that I do not mind but could leave the most demanding to be desired. Great warning when starting any video, indicating in advance how many MBs will be used for playback. Ideal Facebook app for those with a limited data plan. The only flaw? It is not available on the Play Store. Find the apk at the following link, a secure source. | Download

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The best alternative to the Facebook app: Metal

After seeing this long list of facebook apps, Metal is the one I prefer, the most complete, the one that, after days and days of use, I preferred to leave on my smartphone (maybe alternating with Facebook Lite or Puffin under data connection). Excellent for mobile Facebook from both smartphones and tablets. Obviously - like every app, the official one included - it's not bug-free, but it is updated often.

Metal for Facebook
Metal for Facebook
Developer: Nam Nghiem
Price: Free

It is excellent especially for those who use both Facebook and Twitter, in fact Metal can manage both accounts and you can switch between social networks with a simple tap via the menu. From the settings we can choose whether or not to activate notifications and the synchronization frequency. And then again: we can decide whether to use the full screen application, whether to set the Facebook bar or not, change the theme and enable a permanent bar in the notifications area, useful for starting a Facebook "floating" session on any app.

Which Facebook app to choose !?

Obviously the answer is not so simple. We certainly know that Facebook + Messenger is a fatal pairing for our phone. Together they occupy more space than 300-400 mega of internal memory and at the same time we must not underestimate the processes. The more these are "large", the more RAM will be occupied; ergo our device will tend to slow down, up to block or limit the use of multiple apps at the same time. Here are screen apps that I think are better compared to the officers, with relative memory occupied and size of the process.

The apps that they win this battle are Metal, Mini, Puffin and Facebook Lite. I recommend one of the first two for the best performing devices and Puffin or Facebook Lite on older devices or with less internal memory and RAM available.

Do you know any other apps or do you already use any of those listed? Let us know with a comment! 😉

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