Fix Error 941 Google Play Store

With the latest Play Store update all users find the same and annoying problem, or rather error: error 941. The 941 error occurs always at the first attempt at installation (sometimes even updating) of any app. With the second attempt, the error is no longer present, until the next application is installed.


How to fix Error 941?

The solution is very simple, you have to cancel give e cache of the following applications: Google Play StoreDownload manager.

The procedure, for the uninitiated, is the following:

  • Enter the Settings
  • Scroll and select App
  • Move right up ALL
  • Then select the two applications and delete the data.
error-941-fix1 error-941-fix error-941-fix2

I solved this quietly 🙂


I keep seeing Error 941 ...

If, after performing the previous procedure, you continue to view the error, try: repeat the operation FIRST forcing the closure of the two applications. At the end, instead, remove the updates of Google Play Store, then update again.

Now everything should work perfectly! Let me know and maybe even report the device 😉

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