FloleVac is the application to translate Xiaomi Mi Robot into Italian

You want to hear yours Xiaomi Mi Robot in Italian? Then FloleVac is for you! This is an unofficial application available on the Play Store that replaces the Mi Home application and offers a few more gems, such as the ability to download new languages ​​for our robot vacuum cleaner, including the Italian language. But for a fee.

The application is useful to translate the first version of Xiaomi Mi Robot into Italian and to work it needs to access your Xiaomi account or be configured manually. Then at the cost of 4,5 € you can download the Italian language available with a female and male voice.

Developer: Flole
Price: Free

The FloleVac application can also be used as an alternative to the official Mi Home application, but even continuing to use the latter Mi Robot will continue to speak Italian. If on the second version the Italian is already officially available, at the moment the use of FloleVac remains the only solution to download the Italian language package also on the first version of Xiaomi Mi Robot. It is not yet known whether or when the Italian language will be officially supported.

I thank Marco for the report

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