20 MP multi-purpose adhesive camera for 38 Euro

If you are looking for a smart camera, interfaceable with your device Android (or iOS), you might consider this multi-purpose camera. What differentiates it from other cameras is precisely the use that can be made of it: it can be carried around comfortably or fixed to a wall and also used as a surveillance camera.

price adhesive room

No connection is required to work, in fact it is equipped with a 1000 mAh and WiFi connection. It has convenient buttons for switching on, for WiFi connection and for shots but also a small remote control for taking shots without touching the camera.

Finally, thanks to the dedicated application, you can watch both photos and videos directly on your Android tablet or Smartphone and, of course, take pictures and videos remotely or program it.

The back is composed of a magnet but we also have a sticker to fix it on non-metallic surfaces. Once fixed it can be tilted up 145 ° compared to the surface.

This camera can shoot up to 20 MP and can record video a 1080p, or in Full HD, at 30 fps. Among the video functions are available slow-motion e time-lapse. However, a microSD is required to save photos and videos, supported up to 32 GB. It can also be used for sports thanks to its size and low weight: it measures only 4.3 x 4.5 x 3.0 cm and weighs just a little 55 grams. It is available in blue a 38.60 euros (including shipping).

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