Galaxy S3 and KitKat, are we sure that RAM is the problem?

ROM Status: [ArchiPort] Development: Alpha 
created: 12/05/2014Updated: 13/05/2014

Updated: 2 Preview released, fix RIL, working microphone, working calls, calls are terminated without problems, some sensors have been fixed, Bloatware removed completely, S Pen settings removed, other various fixes, we wait for the Preview 3

Updated: ROM development by JustArchi, link thread XDA: click here

In the previous one article we have summarized the Samsung device update situation regarding KitKat (build KOT49H), all devices will be updated by June 2014, excluding the poor S3. Also in the last article we exposed a report of the Samsung engineers, regarding the failed update, the problem would be to attribute to the system Apps (TouchWiz, Knox, Samsung Hub etc ...). Take a look at the Youtube link that you post, look at it and then tell me if the problem is RAM!

Official Note II Firmware (KK) on S3

look at this too:


In the first video, we can see a fluid system with a KitKat firmware adapted to Note 2, executed by SD Card and not NAND memory, so we can say that the problem is not RAM, but an incorrect commercial practice.

In the second video, instead we are always shown a firmware of the Note 2 KitKat running on SD Memory, and its free RAM, which seems to me to be about 100 MB less than now, in fact the occupied RAM is 530 / 831 MB, ( I would say more than enough).

On XDA they are working on porting the Note 2 firmware on S3 I9300, I invite you to follow this link (still not being downloaded, in the testing phase): Notes 2 KK port progress (to do).

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