Gangstar Vegas - the anti-GTA for smartphones

Nostalgia for GTA? no problem!

With Gangstar Vegas we will be able to fill, at least in part, the nostalgia of the legendary Rockstar Games game.

Gameloft he baked his own best title for Android. The intentions of the software house are quite explicit: to replicate Gran Thef Auto on smartphones and we realize it from the beginning.

History in fact is set in the transgressive Las Vegas, where there are strippers, casinos and criminals at war with each other; obviously the protagonist, Jason Malone, he will find himself in trouble, against a mafia boss, but he will be saved by one of his antagonists who he will demand that Jason carry out missions for him.

The graphics are amazing: the details are very high and everything turns fluidly on the phone (Nexus4), with almost no lag


the checks are also well done considering that we are playing on a touch screen, which is not really the best to keep under control the many possibilities of action that a free roaming game: we can, in fact, roam free around the city, enter some locales, buy properties that will have a yield based on time (a sort of criminal entrepreneur!), stealing cars and motorbikes, punching passers-by, and firing on practically everything or someone and much more: just what is expected of a game like this.

car controls can be based on the accelerometer or with the classic touch buttons that I personally find more comfortable, you can control the vehicle satisfactorily.

the character instead it is controllable through an excellent touchscreen pad precise enough to direct us where we believe best, perhaps a slightly lacks the change of frame which sometimes is slow.

It must be pointed out that the excellent choice of the developers on the management of the clashes (both in focus and with bare hands) will indeed be enough tap the target and the viewfinder will follow in most of its movements: this is very useful with the touchscreen which unfortunately does not make this operation easy, even if, as an aspect of the coin, the gameplay is simplified (though not too excessive)


We also have the possibility to access the Shop to buy vehicles, clothing, weapons etc. etc. using the money earned from the missions or from the income of our properties or from the booty obtained from the beating of passers-by.


It does not end here, with every mission we will acquire experience points that will serve in the section ability to enhance some aspects of our character like the damage inflicted on the beating, in firefights, the speed of our land vehicles, airplanes or our boats.

the game weighs about 2,5Gb but with a few games it is easy to get to the 3gb of occupied disk space, which is in tune with the graphic quality and longevity of the title.

Gangstar Vegas costs 5,99 € and can be downloaded from this link

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