GearBest anticipates the summer: a series of offers with 2 EU guarantee year

2 is still weeks away from the arrival of thesummer, but GearBest already welcomes you by dedicating two pages full of super discounted products! One of these is entirely dedicated to offers Italian, or those products that they enjoy guarantee in Europe for 2 years e Free Shipping. Let's not get lost in small talk and immediately see the best offers!

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Discounts and GearBest discount codes. Updated every day

Gearbest Italy summer discounts

In This Page all the offers available in the GB Italia store are available, but instead I will only link the most interesting ones (in my opinion):

Summer Gearbest China Discounts

As for the promotion of the China store, the promotional page offers many more offers at even lower prices but at the expense of the guarantee, which becomes only one year in China. Shipping is however without customs if you choose Italy Express, free in most cases. Here are the most relevant offers:

Finally, in the same promotional page you can also find a game mode to win exclusive coupons and one Xiaomi Mi6 to 0.01 €. Good luck 😉

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