Manage Android application permissions 4.3 / 4.4 [No Root]

Google has implemented an excellent 4.3 from android permission manager for applications, called OP.App, from which it is possible to choose for each individual app, the type of operations it can carry out or not, such as: permission to use the camera, access the GPS, read the list of our contacts and so on.

Strangely though, Google has hidden OP.App, thus not giving the user the possibility of check the functioning of the installed applications: during the installation phase, in fact, the consent is requested to accept without distinction all the permissions that the developer has decided for that specific application, with the sole possibility of revoking the permission of the publication of notifications in the statusbar later.

We had already dealt with the subject in a previous article in which we had explained how to access Op.App through the use of alternative launchers such as Nova or Apex.

With the arrival of Android 4.4 nothing has changed with regards to permission management, Op.App continues to be nacosto and cannot be activated even from the KitKat stock launcher: to remedy the problem fortunately it is enough to install an app from the playstore, a solution for all those who have Android equal or superior to the 4.3 version no root permissions are required: it works without any problem on Nexus devices while with other smartphones it may not work properly.


this application will create the AppOPS entry in the drawer from which we will finally be able to control the behavior of our applications.

AppOps AppOps

The Applications installed on our device will be listed in 5 different categories to be easily viewable:

  • personal
  • messaging
  • Multimedia content
  • Device

tapping on the app we prefer, we will access a list containing all the permits it can use: we can therefore choose to revoke one or more permits, obviously paying attention to do not revoke basic permits for the operation of the application itself.

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